The UYScutix leak was a large scale DOX on the well known permbanned user known as UYScutix (earlier vj13573).  This event is often seen as the formal end of the TF Revolution.

The leak was published by user Transire and it was later revealed that the user Mafrans had also contributed to the leak.

The leak consisted of a mass of log files directly copied off UYScutixs own discord account, the method of gaining access to the account is still unknown though Mafrans has pointed to it being caused by a malware infection.

The aftermath consisted of a large amount of admins being banned and/or demoted due to assisting UYScutix with various tasks normally forbidden by either already existing rules or new rules set in place due to the Revolution, examples of banned or demoted admins include:

It was later revealed that decyj145 had been acting as informant for Mafrans when executing this task, though it has not allowed decyj145 to regain his rank as admin due to later incidences of trolling.