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Total Freedom is a Minecraft server that was founded by markbyron on November 11, 2010. Its current (interim) owner is PhotoGameSmash12 (Known as Fionn). The version it currently runs on is Minecraft 1.16.3 and the server is on online mode (As of 2020 May).

We are currently in a state of crisis, as Seth (the owner) has deleted the server's data.

In this Wikia, you will be educated on the history, staff, and state of the server.

Guide to making a page.[edit | edit source]

Making a page can become a huge problem. If you want to make a page about yourself or about some person, this is how you do it.

  • Do not put irrelevant information in the page.
  • Allow others to edit it, unless it is vandalism.
  • Stuff before you joined the server is not required.
  • Do not make yourself look tough, cool or anything that makes you look better than you are.
  • Ignore all opinions and only show facts.

If you make a terrible page, the chances are high it will be fixed by Forum Contributors

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This is the top content. Feel free to navigate through these pages and categories.

The Total Freedom Staff

Category:Super Admin

Category:Super Telnet Admins

Category:Senior Admins

Server rules

Server forums

List of known contributors:

  • Jackofhallow / Requiem - Started the wiki
  • Mafrans - Updated pages for larger relevance
  • Zekurt
  • RobinGall2910
  • VideoGameSmash12 (i mean seriously, he has an entire literally wikipedia-like page of him, it's kinda obvious)
  • dewonye1000 (Fionn)
  • Elmon11
  • Neeaat
  • OperatorTheDope (Adding more guilds)

Timeline[edit | edit source]


Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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