About xXWilee999Xx Edit

xXWilee999Xx is an operator. They are not active on the server, but rather on the forums mostly posting in the Deep Discussion board.

The History of xXWilee999XxEdit

Under the username of Wilee999, xXWilee999Xx was an admin who first joined the server in September 2011.

Wilee999 vs. Mohinder Edit

There was also an admin named Mohinder who joined in June 2011. The two admins did not enjoy being around each other.

In Feburary 2012, for an unknown reason Wilee999 was removed from Super Admin status. Eventually the account was breached and Mohinder gained access to the account. As a result, Wilee999 quit the server and bought a new account with the username of xXWilee999Xx.

The Return of Wilee999 Edit

In Feburary 2013, Senior Admin smg515 encouraged xXWilee999Xx to return to the server and was SPAS'd by Wild1145. In July of the same year,, xXWilee999Xx was promoted to Telnet Admin. In November of the same year, xXWilee999Xx was officially given the "Developer" title.

Rogue Edit

In the first week of June 2014, xXWilee999Xx was suspended for attacking other servers (such as FreedomOP) and was expected to return on July 1, 2014. However, 1 week after the suspension occured, xXWilee999Xx was labeled as a Senior Rogue and was permbanned from both the server and forum.

Second Return Edit

In mid-2015, xXWilee999Xx for a short period of time successfully returned to Total Freedom and reinstated as a Super Admin. This didn't last long, though.

Fool Me Twice... Edit

On August 3, 2015, xXWilee999Xx was once again suspended and permbanned from the forum and server.

Trivia Edit

  • When xXWilee999Xx was a developer, their forum avatar was the Jellyfish sample picture from Windows 7.
  • Also when xXWilee999Xx was a developer, they had a very custom login message that would first say "xXWilee999Xx is a cool guy and..." then would say "xXWilee999Xx is a Developer".